About Us


Desine is a French-Mexican company founded in 2006 and currently based in Mexico City.


We are specialized in support and maintain the image brand, offering the services of creating identity and point of sale, design and manufacture of furniture, as well as construction and renovation of residential and commercial projects, taking care of the sustainability of each project.


To achieve sustainable projects, we are exclusive distributors in Mexico of BEAM, central vacuum division of Electrolux group, and from Cyclo Vac.


We have an experienced team of architects, designers, engineers and certified technicians committed to serve with excellent quality to our customers equipment.


We offer architectural solutions to the most diverse requirements: houses, apartments, shops, offices, hotels and restaurants as well as remodeling, expansion and design construction, as well as interior design and decoration.


Our mission is to integrate all the multiple alternatives that a space can provide, in a summary of the analytical, regulatory and financial stages, with a fixed cost and schedule, ensuring each and every one of our projects.


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